Rheinland Hotel Kollektion welcomes you!

Over 25 years of international and local hotel expertise!

Being a medium-sized privately run establishment, the Rheinland Hotel Kollektion is your partner when it comes to successful operation, consulting, management or simply providing solutions in the field of individual hotels, boardinghouses, hostels and pod hotels.

Why is it worth talking to us ...
Whether you are a property owner, an operator yourself or a managing director of your own hotel or boarding business, we adapt to your specific concerns and needs and will prepare a tailor-made analysis based on your professional and personal needs. This could be as a long-term tenant or in interim management, partnership, property sale or simply for cost optimization, re-design or staff training.

After a detailed analysis, we develop competent ideas and propose solutions, which we are implementing at our clients independently or along with you and your team. The Rheinland Hotel Kollektion accompanies you closely and as long as you wish; no more, no less.

Particularly in the area of succession planning or long-term property vacancies we were and are able to keep valued hotel properties in their established markets and develop new ways to improve quality and profits. If you are looking for solutions in this field, we surely are the right partner.

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